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For some people, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms might worsen in later years as they age, especially veterans. They may have memories of service or combat that still upset them years later. Read on to understand how it is to experience PTSD as a veteran and some helpful PTSD management tips.

PTSD Symptoms Years Later

Many older veterans discover they have PTSD symptoms years later after their wartime experience. Some of these symptoms include avoiding situations that remind you of the event, having nightmares or feeling like you are reliving the event, loss of interest in activities, and being easily startled. There are numerous reasons why PTSD symptoms might increase with age:

  • Having health issues and feeling like you are not as strong as before.
  • Retiring from work may worsen your PTSD symptoms because you have more time to think and fewer things to distract you from your war memories.
  • You may realize that bad news on TV and scenes from current wars bring bad memories.
  • You might have attempted to manage stress by using alcohol or other substances.

Common PTSD Symptom Patterns

PTSD symptoms can activate immediately after a traumatic experience, but that’s not always true. Here are some prevalent symptom patterns:

  • Some veterans start to experience PTSD symptoms immediately after they return from war, and it can last until an older age.
  • Other veterans don’t have symptoms until later in age.
  • Or PTSD symptoms can be high after their war experience, lower over the years, and then worsen later in life.

Helpful Tips for Managing PTSD

If you are struggling managing with your wartime memories, there are numerous things that you can complete to help yourself. Also, there are other ways you can seek help from others.

As you age, remember that it’s normal to look back over your life and attempt to make sense of your experiences.

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